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Richards, Ashley. 2020. Helping shape the future of ocean science. June 3, 2020.

Dr. Jenkins is appointed to the National Academy of Sciences’ Ocean Studies Board.

Shrikant, Maya. 2020. Engendering equality in research. March 11, 2020.

The author of this article draws attention to under-representation of women in STEM both as research subjects and scientists. Dr. Jenkins is featured as a female scientist and professor who is working to increase gender equality.

Robinson, E. 2019. Jenkins selected as AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador. September 19, 2019.

Dr. Jenkins was selected as one of the American Association for the Advancement of Science IF/THEN Ambassadors. IF/THEN, a national initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies, seeks to further women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by empowering current innovators and inspiring the next generation of pioneers.

Science Friday, National Public Radio, August 10, 2018, Science in Motion.

Dr. Jenkins is interviewed as an award-winning science dance choreographer and as a dancer about her project SciDance, which uses dance for science communication and engagement.

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